A Story from V.R.

When I was in grade 7, I had a very attractive friend who I secretly had a crush on. I sat two rows behind her in Science class, and if the class was getting dull I would pass time by "observing" her. I knew she liked to chew bubble gum, but I had never seen her blow any bubbles. On the last day of the year, the teacher was rambling about what a great class we had been, so I tuned him out and I was pleased that I had an unobstructed view of her. But due to my position I could only see the back of her head and her ponytail. That is, until late in the class, when she turned her head to the side. She was blowing a huge pink bubble; it was the size of her head and still growing! I don't know if she saw me looking out of the corner of her eye, but behind her massive bubble she had this childish smile, proud of her accomplishment. Unfortuately, we lost touch when we went to different schools for high school, but whenever I think of her, I always remember those few seconds in that Science class, with her beautiful face and smile, and the bright pink bubble gracefully expanding from it.

A Story from Russel

For starters, I have always been knocked out by the sight of a beautiful girl blowing on a huge bubble gum bubble. Of course a looker alone turns my head all the time, but for the longest time I have found myself literally hypnotized at the sight - or even the mere thought - of a bubble growing, stretching from the girlís breaths out of her gorgeous lips. It could be because she keeps on blowing the bubble to an unknown size, until it makes that "thwack" sound and the bubble gum wraps around her lips and her entire face. Mercy! I guess I have a thing for it (does it show?), and I was floored to see your site and other sites on the subject. I was also interested to see ideas on the subject of getting an attractive female into the act of blowing bubble gum. This inspired me to set out to get my girlfriend into blowing big bubble gum bubbles for me. Right away. I started thinking: how do you do it? I mean, do I confront her directly? This didnít strike me as the easiest way. Nor was the other option of basically waiting until she just happened to start buying and blowing bubble gum, so I could then queue her that I really liked that. We have only been together three months, so I didnít know if she liked bubble gum at all. But I started to wonder that if I could somehow lead her to chew some bubble gum, maybe the rest would come naturally. This seemed logical, except for an easy way for me to set up this situation. I decided Iíd try a "bait and switch" tactic using a situation she was used to - reaching into my glove compartment and getting out a stick of peppermint chewing gum from a pack I usually kept handy as a general breath freshener. Leaving it up to chance, I switched the Wrigglyís with a pre-opened pack of Bubble Yum. After lunch, she did exactly as expected and opened my glove compartment while simultaneously asking: "can I have some gum?" I was anxious already. "What the..?" she said, "Whereís your chewing gum?" I played it cool as best as I could: "I donít know - I think thereís some bubble gum in there." "Bubble gum!!??" she said, kind of between perturbed and bewildered. I think she was overreacting for effect only. "Sure, for a change." I blurted. "Well whereís your other gum? This isnít going to freshen my breath." "Well if you really need it, I guess I could pull over and get some just for you!" I responded with a half-smile. I knew this would get it. She laughed and said "No, thatís fine", and then unwrapped a piece. She chewed it up while I started asking about her job. This was planned, so that I could keep from looking anxious. Soon she blew a small bubble and sucked it back. It was beautiful. Very cute. I chuckled and kept talking. After more conversation she blew another bubble. She didnít suck this one back in. It didnít help at all that she was looking very good (wearing shorts, sandals, and a tight cotton tank top, showing off the olive-toned skin of her legs, arms and cleavage). The bubble stretched to orange sized, and I almost passed out at the sight of my girlfriend with that light pink bubble bouncing from her lips. At that point I believe I was noticeably stuttering. I think she started to perceive that something was up - I think. We were late to a popular movie, so I flew down the streets and dropped her off so that she could try to get tickets. I parked and joined her in line to notice that she was still chewing the gum. Kissing her was great, because I always thought Bubble Yum tasted real good. I remember that she was blowing some real good orange-sized bubbles and one that was maybe grapefruit sized. I remember watching her take two puffs on that one before it made a light "pop" and snapped across her lips and chin. I was loving every minute of it. After the line let in for the big movie, we ran playfully to the back of the theater and finally found seats in the very back row. Now that I recall, there WERE some other seats, but I think she chose the back row on purpose, because I found out I was in for a real treat. The lights were very dark in the back of this theater, almost as though they had already dimmed them. At first I thought that it was only my imagination that my girlfriend was blowing yet another grapefruit-sized bubble, but then my eyes adjusted enough to see the beautiful sight. Her eyes were closed as she took another breath. The bubble was getting very big. The bubble shined in the available light and the "pop" sound came again at the very end of herbreath. We looked at each other and laughed. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. For the length of the movie, we were basically making out. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

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