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Here is how my bubble fascination started...

One day, when I was in ninth grade, I was sitting next to this cute girl that was chewing gum. At the time I thought nothing of it. So the class went on for a little while. Then I looked over at her right as she was blowing a bubble. It wasn't a big one,but in my mind I was thinking, "Whoa, that was awesome!" So the rest of the class was spent watching her blow bubbles. That is how it started. The same girl was in one of my english classes my senior year in high school. I was supposed to give an Oral Report. Already nervous, I got up there and started. And once, as I looked up from the notecards, I caught her blowing a bubble. Needless to say, I almost lost ALL concentration, but I managed to pull myself together and finish.

Another story

Here's another story: In one of my classes at college, there was a girl who liked to chew gum. I knew when she had gum, because this was the first thing I checked on girls. So we were in class, and she starts blowing bubbles. It was great because she would start them, and it looked like she was going to suck it back in. But she didn't do that. She kept blowing and sucked them back in. She blew her bubbles very fast, but she blew a lot of them, maybe one every 15 seconds, so I was pretty occupied in that class.

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